63rd Annual Santa Parade in Chehalis on December 1!

Anden Hundley, a Cub Scout “Present”!

What’s more fun than a hometown parade? Add in Christmas-time and Santa and you have easily created a memorable annual family event.

Saturday, December 1, at 11:00am the 63rd annual Santa Parade will take place in historic downtown Chehalis, Washington. Lasting about an hour, the parade snakes through the streets as cheering parents, grandparents and friends line the streets. Colorful floats full of red-cheeked children wave and smile for their admirers. Local businesses toss candy to their loyal customers.

After the parade, stick around this quaint little town and check it out. Warm up with a cup of hot cocoa and a pastry at the Market Street Bakery and Café. Take care of some of your Christmas shopping in one of the many small, locally owned stores such as Book ‘n’ Brush or Yarn & Things. Visit the historic Lewis County Museum or admire the Vernetta Smith Chehalis Timberland Library, newly built but with a beautiful old-style architecture.

The parade is a great way for family and friends to reconnect or for visitors to meet the friendly, down-to-earth residents of the area. So come on down to the Santa Parade and start making your own family memories!

2011 Santa Parade Float

Getting there: Downtown Chehalis is located just east of I-5, taking either exit 77 or 79.

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