I’ll Take 3 Passports, and What on Earth is that SMELL?!

Ready for Passports

Ready for Passports

March 10, 2012 – Passport Day. We read in the Seattle Times that March 10 was Passport Day and several locations would be open to help with processing applications for passports. At first we thought we would head to Seattle for the day but then when we went online, it showed that the Long Beach, Washington post office would also be participating. So we decided to make it a day at the beach.

We arrived about 10:15 and there was one other woman before us getting her passport processed. We waited our turn, presented our documents, signed the forms, paid our money and were on our way.
We drove up the peninsula to Jack’s, our favorite grocery/hardware/variety store. They have so many interesting things that it’s fun just to go in and look around. They have so many interesting things that it’s fun just to go in and look around. From there we drove back down to Long Beach looking for a place to have lunch and decided on Castaway’s. Good choice! Being safe as usual, I ordered a cheeseburger. Josh ordered a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. He loved it. Said it had “everything in the world on it.” David ordered a Clam Chowder Bread Bowl. When it came I asked to try a bite. I have never liked Clam Chowder, but boy, this was good! It had a bacon flavor to it, and the bread was soft and flaky. David said he bet it was local so he asked the waiter and he said it came from the bakery across the street. Apparently it was a very popular place because it got very busy, very fast!



While in Long Beach we HAD to go to Marsh’s Free Museum. It was getting very windy and cold so we hurried on in there and started looking around. I finally told David, “There’s nothing I need in here and what is that smell?” He said he smelled it too and we decided to get out of there.

We drove down to Bolstad Street to access the beach. As we drove onto the beach we saw a crowd of people and cars to the left and looked over there and at the same time said, “Hey, there’s a dead whale!”

So of course we had to Dead Whale 2go and see it. We parked the car and walked over to the whale. It looked fake. There was what looked like entrails in a few piles around it, and a hole about 8 or 9 inches square and a couple of inches deep cut into it’s side. I started wondering if this was a leftover from some sort of sand building competition because we didn’t hear a single person in town talking about it.

I asked one guy if it was fake. He said, “No, it’s real, can’t you smell it?” I couldn’t. weird. So walked around it and took pictures just like everyone else there. Then we got back into the car to go, and THERE was the smell! In our car! That’s when we realized that was also what we were smelling at Marsh’s. We drove away and then opened the windows the let the smell out. It wouldn’t go! A couple of blocks off the beach David said maybe one of us had stepped in something so we quickly pulled over and all jumped out and ran over to the grass to start rubbing of our shoes. We got back in the car. So did the smell.

It was SO bad. David was about gagging. We kept driving with the windows down trying to air it out. We drove all the way to Ilwaco and it was STILL there so we stopped at a store and David ran in and bought one of those little tree car air fresheners. Normally, I REALLY hate those things but we really needed it. We drove to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center to hike up there and hopefully rid ourselves of the smell and let the tree do it’s work. It sort of helped – when we got back in the car the majority of the smell was gone but we continued to catch whiffs of it every once in awhile all the way back home. Yuck.
Dead Whale 1
Once home, I think I may have been the one to step in something because Maya, our dog, suddenly started getting all interested in and sniffing my shoes, which she’s never done before.

Oh well, another day out, another unexpected adventure. I just prefer the better smelling ones!

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