Hot Rods on a Hot Day – NSRA Street Rod Nationals Plus, Ridgefield, Washington


Phil’s Truck


Anden and the one car we allowed ourselves to buy!

It finally got sunny and VERY warm in the Pacific Northwest, just in time for the NSRA Street Rod Nationals Plus. Held the weekend of June 28-30 in Ridgefield, Washington (just north of Vancouver), it was the first time it has even been in Ridgefield. A friend of ours, Phil Strodemier, took his 1952 Ford pickup to enter in the show, so we decided to go down and check it out.

I don’t know how many cars were there, but it there were at least hundreds. Pickups, muscle cars, coupes, specialty vehicles. There was something for everyone to ooohh and ahhh over. Beautiful shiny colors, combinations and even “flames.” We made a rule before we left the house – we would NOT buy a car at the show! I don’t really think there was too much danger of that. The least expensive car I saw was around $24,000 and several gorgeous Bel Airs were priced at over $50,000. We did break our rule in the event center though where many vendors were set up. I bought my grandson, Anden, a little red car for $12.00. He thought that was pretty funny.


WOW! Those colors!

Vendors in the event center included insurance companies, hats, t-shirts, auto parts and then other rather bizarre items to see at a car show such as exercise machines and shower surrounds. I do have to say one of my favorite non-car vendors was the one offering a wine slushy mix. Who doesn’t need that!

It was interesting to talk some of the people who had entered the show. One woman named Marilyn was from Montana and with a group of people that brought out six cars. Most of them drove from there, just one trailered their car. She explained to me that their car club has an event in February when it’s too cold to get out and drive. During the event, they will teach people how to work through some of the rebuilding and repairing parts of the cars, as well as talking about things like being aware of the risk of the Hanta Virus when remodeling old cars. That’s a very good point I hadn’t thought about!

Attending the show was a lot of fun and gave us a lot of ideas for restoring our old pickup. Almost too many ideas. We will have to narrow down what we want to do and we know it will take a long time. But when we are ready, I can’t wait to enter a show ourselves and spend some time just getting to know the other car folks and learning from them. But for now, we’ll just go and drool and take notes. And pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Here are some to share with you now and you can be envious along with us!

1-IMG_1866 1-IMG_1865 1-IMG_1864 1-IMG_1854 1-IMG_1849 1-IMG_1848 1-IMG_1840 1-IMG_1838 1-IMG_1830 1-IMG_1819 1-IMG_1817 1-IMG_1815 1-IMG_1808 1-IMG_1807 1-IMG_1804 1-IMG_1797 1-IMG_1792 1-IMG_1790 1-IMG_1787 1-IMG_1786 1-IMG_1785 1-IMG_1782 1-IMG_1780 1-IMG_1776 1-IMG_1774 1-IMG_1772 1-IMG_1770 1-IMG_1769 1-IMG_1768 1-IMG_17641-IMG_1844

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3 thoughts on “Hot Rods on a Hot Day – NSRA Street Rod Nationals Plus, Ridgefield, Washington

  1. Martha Havens

    This show used to be in Sacramento. Isn’t that part of the West Coast? Also, I saw at least two cars priced lower than $24,000. There were at least two, one for $17,500, and one for about $18,500.

    • You are absolutely right! I sure got confused somewhere along the way! It’s the first time it’s been held in Ridgefield so I have corrected my blog. Thanks for pointing that out. I’m also glad I didn’t see the more reasonably priced cars – we may have broken our pledge not to buy one!

  2. mitch yaremcio

    Was a great show and lots of things to !
    only down side was could have more grass to park on pavement in hot sun is a BUGGER !!
    or the gravel was dusty too but we will be back next !!!
    welcome back NSRA!!!

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