Santa, Santa, Everywhere! Santarchy 2013!


Wall to Wall Santas

Santa in a regular Santa suit. Santa in a “suggestive” Santa suit. Santa playing video games. Reindeer, elves, presents, lots of red and green. Wall to wall. What was it? Seattle Santarchy 2013!

Every year we head up to Seattle on the weekend before Christmas. We have finished all of our shopping and go just to go downtown and “get into the thick of it” as David says. The last couple of years we have noticed a lot of people in Santa suits running all over the place. This year we took the opportunity to stop and talk to some of these very friendly people to find out what they were doing. It turns out that they are also there that same weekend every year for the now annual “Santarchy” also known as “Santacon” in other cities. It’s basically a big pub crawl in costume.


Santa Sue and Buddy the Elf

They all start by meeting at noon in Pioneer Square where they receive a map and a schedule. It tells them that they should tentatively end up on Capitol Hill around midnight and just continue to party in that area.

Along the way they stop for a group picture at the Harbor Steps, have a Santa Fashion Show, and do caroling in Westlake Park around 6pm. They hit up several restaurants and bars all along the way. We ran into them at Gameworks where we stopped for dinner and to let Josh play some games. Everyone we met was surprisingly not very drunk.


Santa and his reindeer games – at Gameworks

The schedule lists some common sense, basic manners and rules for the Santas to follow: Don’t mess with children, the police, bar or store security or “working” Santas. And of course, don’t drink and drive.


Suave Santa

Granted where there is a lot of drinking and people, you might want to limit children’s exposure to some of it. Some of the costumes were pretty wild and there will always be someone who goes overboard and gets in trouble. But overall we found it to be just a fun event that we enjoyed without even having to participate. Everyone we talked to was friendly, willing to let us take their pictures, and answer our questions.

This gentleman said he has attended other Santacons where there were a lot more Santas and they were a lot more drunk. He told us about an event in Reno with 5000 Santas under the Reno arch and most were very inebriated.


Nancy and God’s Gift to Women (aka Eddie Larison)

I have to say this costume was my favorite – God’s Gift to Women. He really was quite charming. And ladies, in case you’re wondering…God’s Gift to Women works at Microsoft!

There are websites set up for the event so you can find out more about it and maybe bookmark them so you can attend next year. One is and of course there’s a Facebook page at

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