RV Adventures: The Great Wall of Poo


You’ll notice there are no other pictures in this story. I just wanted to portray a nice, serene setting first. You’ll soon understand why.

We headed out Thursday night to Long Beach, Washington just to relax and have some fun. Reserved a spot at the Pacific Holiday Resort (a Western Horizon resort) and found our spot about 9:00 pm.

We spent the next couple of days driving up and down the peninsula, eating out, learning about a haunted library and church, and hearing stories of bear problems (who knew there was a bear problem on the beach!)  The weather even cleared enough to ride go-karts and fly kites.

Ahhh, a nice relaxing weekend. Sunday morning we got up and got ready to go. David and Josh went out to break down camp and next thing I knew, I heard David cussing. Being the supportive wife, I just stayed inside doing what I was doing. Why get in his way if things weren’t going well? Then Josh was at the door saying in his low, monotone voice, “Mom, Dad needs some clean clothes.” Again, being the supportive wife, I didn’t bother to ask why I just gathered his clothes and handed them to Josh. I looked out the door and David was standing there with poo all over the lower part of his body. He was trying very hard to keep his voice modulated and controlled. He just said, “Can you also get me some soap and shampoo?”

That’s when he told me the gray water valve had worked its way open and the hose separated from the coupler as he was trying to put it away. He looked stunned, saying, “A great all of poo came right at me.” So now he was going to head down to the clubhouse showers. Thank goodness because I was secretly thinking, “Please don’t come in, please don’t come in.” This is why there are no pictures. Because even though I am such a supportive wife, I didn’t think it was a good idea to ask him to stand there while I took his picture because this would be an oh-so-funny story.

While he walked to the showers, escorted by Josh, I just waited in the RV at the dining table. A few minutes later I saw a maintenance man come up in a golf cart, going around to the dump site. I just quietly and slowing slid down real low in my seat, hoping he wouldn’t see me. I thought, “No way I want to deal with this!” Have I mentioned what a supportive wife I am?

A few minutes later David came back, still covered in poo, and started explaining the issue to the maintenance man. I asked why he didn’t shower and he took a deep breath and said it was closed for cleaning. The maintenance man thanked him for telling him, said a lot of people will just go off and leave it and not say anything. He said he could tell it was an accident. Ya think?!

David eventually went down to the clubhouse to take a shower. A few minutes later I walked to the clubhouse and Josh was sitting talking to the hostess. She looked at me and said, “Are YOU ok?” I said, “Oh, yeah, I just stayed out of the way.” She said, “That’s what I mean, sometimes we can bear the brunt of it, are you OK?” I repeated, “Oh, yeah” and just laughed.

When David came out of the restroom all fresh and clean, he looked at the hostess and smiled a sheepish smile. She looked relieved and said, “I’m glad you can laugh about it.” His reply? “All I can say is – I’m glad I didn’t have my mouth open!”

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7 thoughts on “RV Adventures: The Great Wall of Poo

  1. Eek! That is a terrifying — and yet hilarious — story!

  2. Hilarious! (for me) I feel I can laugh because we had a poo explosion once. Our sewer hose wasn’t quite long enough so we each had to pull and hold the ends in place. Somebody let go of their end! My pink hoody was never the same.

  3. oh boy! We haven’t had that happen *yet*! I think I too will stay well out of the way should it ever happen 🙂

  4. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Ha! Great post. I would have totally posted pix of my poo husband. For posterity. 💩

    • Oh, you are funny! I made sure to tell my husband – you know, just so he could be reminded again of how supportive I am 😉

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