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Living Up to Its Name: Great Hall, Sunriver, Oregon

Great Hall, Sunriver, Oregon

Sunriver’s Great Hall

We have a tendency to think of Sunriver Resort in Oregon as being an all newly-constructed development. But did you know that it has an old building with architecture reminiscent of the Old Faithful Inn? You may have attended a wedding, conference or other event in it, perhaps thinking it was simply built to look old and blend in with the rustic surroundings. But the Great Hall was actually built in 1944 by the Army Corps of Engineers on the land there that was once home to Camp Abbott. The hall was only used for about six months, as a cafeteria, then the war ended and the beautiful building constructed from local trees was abandoned and sadly fell into disrepair. At one point it was even used for a cattle barn. Fortunately for all of us, it was saved and has been totally restored and updated into a premier meeting space, while reminding us of the history of the area and the beauty of the natural resources used.

Plaque, Great Hall, Sunriver, Oregon


Great Hall, Sunriver, Oregon

Great Hall

Outside the Great Hall, Sunriver, Oregon

Outside the Great Hall

The log building features high ceilings with exposed beams. A massive stone fireplace burns a cozy fire, and a balcony of limbs surrounds you like welcoming arms– all of which can’t help but make you think of the Old Faithful Inn.

Stone Fireplace, Sunriver, Oregon

Gorgeous Stone Fireplace!

Fireplace Sitting Area, Sunriver, Oregon

Fireplace Sitting Area

Welcoming Balcony, Sunriver, Oregon

Welcoming Balcony

Replica fixtures illuminate the interior in a soft warm glow. Hallways adorned with historical pictures and stories lead the way to modern and comfortable meeting facilities. There is space just to sit and relax where your eyes are drawn out the large windows to an open field and expansive sky. You’re sure to see some sort of woodland wildlife if you are patient.

Looking up!  Great Hall Lights, Sunriver, Oregon

Looking up!

Hallway to Meeting Rooms, Sunriver, Oregon

Hallway to Meeting Rooms

History on the Walls, Sunriver, Oregon

History on the Walls

Space to Relax, Sunriver, Oregon

Space to Relax

Events can be catered by Sunriver restaurants, as ours was this day at the Northwest Travel Writers Conference. The beauty and ambiance of this grand old building and the creativity of the dishes served and displayed made for a deliciously memorable experience.

Amazing Food!, Sunriver, Oregon

Amazing Food!

Amazing Food!, Sunriver, Oregon

Amazing Food!, Sunriver, Oregon

Amazing Food!, Sunriver, Oregon

Amazing Food!, Sunriver, OregonIf you are ever in the market for an event space, or simply want to stop in and pay respect to the history and architectural skill of the time, don’t pass up the chance to check out the Great Hall at Sunriver Resort.

For more information, see

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The Depot Restaurant, Seaview, Washington

IMG_0522 In the little seaside town of Seaview, Washington, lies some of the most quaint and upscale IMG_0526restaurants that can be compared with city experiences anywhere. The Depot Restaurant seems like just a little side-street diner until you step through the doors. Then you will be amazed at the impressive work that has gone into the restoration of the old train depot, a remnant of the Clamshell Railroad that once served the entire Long Beach Peninsula. Owners Michael Laelwicz and Nancy Gorshe have worked tirelessly and lovingly for 10 years to create a top-notch experience for diners.

Soft lighting and classy, relaxing décor combined with fresh, hand-crafted food are the hallmarks of the restaurant.


Dungeness Crab Mac

My bowl of macaroni, cheese and crab was most certainly not Kraft Mac & Cheese with a little crab thrown in. Dungeness Crab Mac, the homemade creation of satisfying, melt-in-your-mouth goodness was pure heaven. At first I was a little disappointed in the small bowl which I was served, but it was so rich and flavorful that if the bowl had been any bigger, I might have made myself sick trying to eat it all.

Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder

Carne Asada Negro

Carne Asada Negro

My husband had a mouth-watering clam chowder along with the Carne Asada Negro, and again, while it was a small amount on the plate, the flavors exploded in his mouth.

Admittedly, the prices are a bit steep for the typical family just getting away on a little weekend vacation. The Dungeness Crab Mac was $15.00, the Carne Asada Negro was $10.00 and these were the “small plates.” But knowing that going into it, you can be prepared.

The prices are also listed on their website ( so you can check prices out ahead of time there as well.

It’s easy to see why this tiny restaurant located off the beaten path has received so many awards such as Best Fine Dining, Best Desserts, Best Chowder, and Best Burgers, to name a few. The staff members were extremely professional yet friendly and the food was so good my mouth is watering as I remember the experience while writing this. Definitely a go-back-to place!

Getting there: Head west on Hwy. 101 to the Long Beach Peninsula. When you get onto the peninsula, you have to turn either right or left. Turn left, which is still Hwy. 101, then take the second right onto 38th Place. You will see the Depot Restaurant on your left.

1208 38th Place Seaview, WA 98644
(360) 642-7880

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